Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Featured Seller of the Week: Romancing Juliet

There are many occasions in life that warrant special celebrations and all the little things that go along with them. Here at Jarrett Baby we believe we've found our niche with the beginning of life, babies! Beth of Romancing Juliet has certainly found her place a step ahead of us in the cycle, preparing beautiful and amazing bridal pieces. Our choice for our second feature was certainly easy to make! Not only are the pieces in her shop high quality and amazingly beautiful, Beth is a very fun and easy person to talk to, she's kind to those she speaks with and has had amazing success I think we all could learn from.

Beth's journey started five years ago when she met her now husband at a line dancing club. They were married two years later and things were starting to fall into place. Beth had just gotten her Property/Casualty Insurance License and planned to start a new career before they started their family. Luckily for us they got a little surprise before her career got started and she decided to be a stay at home mom! Beth's husband bought her a sewing machine for Christmas in 2008, she learned what she could from books and videos and was determined to make her creations perfect. Beth says that her first ring pillow looked awful, but her husband supported her and she was encouraged to make it work. She learned about while working a craft fair and decided to open her shop, and hasn't looked back since!

Beth's Etsy shop ( will have been open for only ONE YEAR on January 27th and already has 365 sales. Not only are her sales amazing but she has also been contacted by Bride Magazine who may be featuring some of her items in an upcoming issue!

Here are a few tips from Beth on how to succeed with an Etsy shop:
Always take good photos (I use only natural light)
Keep your prices reasonable but not too low
Invest in relisting
Use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
Be as available to clients as possible by returning their emails quickly. If they've asked you for custom work they've most likely asked others too. Be the first to answer them and GREATLY increase you chance of making the sale
Lastly, upsell! If they buy say, a flower girl basket, offer a ring bearer pillow, cake server set, toasting flutes, matching guestbook the matching pattern to make more sales!

"Etsy doesn't work for everyone, but if what you're doing is your passion it shows and it works!"

You can check out Beth's Etsy shop here:
And her Blog here:

Congratulations Beth on your success and we wish you the best of luck with your future!

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