Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Featuring Etsy Seller: Greta's Pretty Things

I met this seller and thought she seemed pretty neat, a little different story than most of us and hopefully a fun one to read! GretasPrettyThings is derived from a burlesque stage name - Greta von Tapp.

"Greta" began performing burlesque in March 2009, in Richmond, VA, while attending college. Her routine 'gimmick' was tap dancing which she wanted to incorporate into her stage name, and VOILA! Greta von Tap was born :) She began making her own stage costumes and enjoyed creating custom pasties for her routines, as well as hair flowers and fascinators. Soon enough she began creating other pastie designs that she had no immediate use for; this is when she opened her Etsy shop, to share her pasties, fascinators, hair flowers, and other pretty accessories.

"Of all my items, pasties are definitely my favorite to make. You can do so much with them, and they're pretty unexpected as a craft item. Plus, I frequently give advice to people about how to attach them, how to twirl tassels, and so much more about burlesque in general. I love the increased interest in burlesque as an artform lately!"

Greta has been on hiatus as a performer, but I will be making her comeback in April. Anyone in the DC area can see her at the Palace of Wonders on April 2nd, with Richmond Varietease.

Check out her shop here: GretasPrettyThings.etsy.com
Follow her on Twitter here: twitter.com/gretavontapp
Friend her on MySpace and Facebook here:

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