Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Holiday Craft Fairs

So far this "Craft Fair Season" we have participated in 3 craft shows at local high schools; Overland HS, Gateway HS and Smoky Hill HS - all in Aurora, CO.  This upcoming weekend we'll be at Columbine HS in Littleton, then back to Rangeview HS on November 19th, and ending the season at Grandview HS on December 3rd.

This year was our 3rd at Overland, and was larger than I had seen in years past.  The turnout was decent and it ended up being our best show at Overland ever.  I wasn't sure what to expect at Gateway, since it was our first year there, but the show was pretty full of vendors and the turnout was pretty good.  Smoky Hill seems to be the largest show in the Aurora area, tons of vendors, tons of shoppers - just super small booth spaces!  :)  Last year our booth was pretty packed and for as many shoppers that were there, we didn't sell very much.  This year I got a corner booth space and was able to creep out a little on the end... IT HELPED SO MUCH!  The display was better, the flow of people around my items were better and I ended up selling more at that one show, than I did at the other two combined!  I was so determined to go back this year and make it the show I knew it could be, and I'm so glad it paid off :)

Linda and I will be at Columbine again together this year, it's another big show - especially for having a $1 entry fee!  I'm really excited for this show, and really hoping it turns out as good as years past.  At Rangeview HS we have a great booth space and I anticipate it being better than last year was for us, fingers crossed!  Two years ago I was a vendor at Grandview HS and LOVED their show!  So of course I was super excited to sign up for it last year, and they cancelled it.  Go figure, right?  BUT, this year that brought it back and I'm ready to rock it!  Linda and I have another good booth space and it's gonna be awesome!  So, if you're in the Denver area, stop by and pay us a visit  :)

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